September 24, 2018

Where Content Comes To Life runs internationally and your information will be processed in our office. But this statement of privacy is a reflection of our commitment to safeguard your privacy as well as other private information you’ve entrusted to us.

Information may be collected by us when you request for much more services from us and when you need to enroll as member of our site, when you subscribe to our services, when you post any contents or materials, when you advertise your services. When you have reports on the difficulties you’ve encountered in our site your advice can also be required. Your info will also be assembled, should you finish surveys for our research purposes. However, your advice will be given to us when you have a few other trades being carried out in this site.

In our discretion, your information is used by us for goals that are valid. In the procedure for assessing visitors, IP addresses and traffic tendencies to the page of the website, your private details are collected but they have been preserved to be employed for purposeful and non-malicious motives.

Rationales that may compel your advice to be disclosed by us:

To apply the Terms of Use;

• When there are claims which you have broken the rights of this site, the third party and its own affiliate;

• When there’s a should defend the right, property and security of its own affiliates and the business.