September 24, 2018

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LTO 5-AQuantity of data that is digital is constantly growing at an exponential speed. Moreover, conformity with all the government legislations can also be crucial. That’s the reason the organizations must faithfully keep their organizational data for time periods that are longer. HP (Hewlett Packard) is a worldwide specialist in copy storage and archiving options.

HP along with two other media giants IBM and Seagate (Quantum) joined their attempts, and introduced an open cassette standard. This revolutionary cassette format is the best cassette medium for modern company programs and storage surroundings that are intensive IT, and has become the market leader. LTO 5 cassette is the latest generation, which provides functionality that is unparalleled in large scale businesses, emerging company programs, financial organizations, big databases, client/ server environments and businesses that are midrange.

HP LTO tape products are precision engineered to much surpass the IT supervisors ‘ expectations. With latest HP LTO5 cassette option, the consumers may have to spend lesser time doing their routine back-up and archival operations. HP LTO-5 ultrium tape technology provides unprecedented back-up operation and better storage consolidation having a 3 TB recording capacity that is enormous and 1 TB/hr data transfer rate (compressed).

HP LTO-5 ultrium tape media and drives are made tough to economically address the bursting needs of complicated IT surroundings and data centers. Shelf life is over 30 years, which makes it well suited. Additionally your investment that is past is additionally secured by the HP LTO-5 drives. The LTO5 ultrium drives are backward compatible with previous two variants of LTO. The LTO-3 tape media -compatible and its next generation LTO 4 cassette is completely write-and-read compatible. The HP LTO-5 drives supply exceptional reliability in a super fast speed of 140MB/second (native).

HP LTO-5 technology is ideal for long term data protection. It provides the strong mix of hardware and WORM -based AES data encryption that secures the data against unauthorized access and data erasures that are casual. HP LTO-5 technology enables offsite storage that is simple. HP LTO5 ultrium cartridges that are robust provide you satisfaction that is total when being transported to distant sites.


HP LTO5 drives offer Ultra320 LVD SCSI, 6 GB/ second SAS and 3 GB/sec SAS host interfaces, which give connectivity to some broader spectrum of IT infrastructures and servers. “Dynamic data rate” is an exclusive attribute included in HP LTO-5 drives, which keeps the tape drive streaming even with changeable in coming data rate. The HP LTO5 tape drives change their speed to coincide with all host system’s transfer rate.

All those HP tape cartridges really are info legislations that are stiff and a dependable choice for today’s competitive company demands. HP LTO-5 is the back-up tape technology that is best that you may rely on! Software and product names mentioned throughout this informative article are brands and therefore are exclusive property of the owners.