October 18, 2018

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hp-lto-5-image-4Every business is trying to find a backup storage device that’s long lasting. But these companies want a high tech device that is only expensive but also has a high storage capacity. Fortunately, there are many devices which will fall under two or three of the aforementioned types, some companies think it is hopeless to find each and every thing in one single product and to some extent they’re right. But if you’re willing to hunt just a little you may discover that there’s one certain product that is high tech, long lasting, with high storage capacity and inexpensive too.

These are the tape storage devices, these devices are only bad but they’re also rather practical. Cassette storage devices are one of the earliest technologies and they have been enhanced with the passing of time. There are truly many companies in the market who are making these apparatus and nevertheless, Quantum is considered among the best companies. Their devices are not expensive and resourceful and of course, they have the additional advantage of the Quantum Company guarantee.

The Quantum LTO-5 tape drive is among the best and the most economical devices of its category. It is available in both external and internal models and they can be easily bought by you from the offline market and the net too. The LTO-5 combines some new attributes and some features that are useful old to give you the best product ever made. It uses the latest and the regular SCSI IT interface for your convenience. For people who have no idea, SCSI is the most effective and user-friendly interface. Plus this IT interface makes the setup very simple and extremely efficient.

The Quantum LTO-5 tape drive continues to be upgraded and now it supports many new attributes. This new LTO-5 from Quantum is more energy more efficient than it was ever before. This new apparatus that is green uses less energy as opposed to previous models. Another good thing about this device is that it is very much compatible with the LTO 4 media and LTO 3 media. This apparatus provides backwards reading compatibility and supplies writing and backward reading compatibility. It offers you the greatest degree of security when you are encrypting your information and also has AES 256 bit data encryption. With the aid of this feature you can be sure, your information won’t ever be lost.

Another benefit of the Quantum LTO-5 tape drive is that is that it supports the LTFS system. This new system is introduced to improve your data management and to make the apparatus better. It can transfer information at the speed of one thousand gigabytes per hour and has three terabytes of storage capacity. Now you can save all your videos and this apparatus may also act like hard disk, other media, pictures and CAD CAM files too.

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